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by Peter Newbury

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The Right Spot, S&K's Tour Divide 2014

I had the absolute pleasure of being a photographer for my brother Sam and his wife Katie as they rode the Tour Divide.  2,700 miles down the spine of the continental US as fast as they could go, not only for adventure but because they were raising funds for a wilderness therapy grant fund.  Blew me away.

June 2014

Japan part II, June 2013

Japan, part II.  I have a tale to tell.  A tale of force, a force that flows, unending, creeping into tiny nooks and crannies, wending through every opening, flooding past obstacles and carrying all manner of flotsam with it, crashing over barriers and upending things that seemed so recently substantial.

June 2013

Japan, June 2013

Japan.  My second visit, and just as rewarding as my first in 2006.  Tokyo and the countryside are still amazing, and I still didn't want to leave, but I had also seen a lot.

June 2013

Uganda, May 2012

A visit with iLEAP graduate Betty Kagoro in Uganda.

May 2012

South Africa, May 2012

Adventure, sunshine and Bicycle Portraits.  Thank you, Nic and Stan, for a wonderful pedal in South Africa.

May 2012

Ride to Vancouver, August 2011

Kierstyn and I rode our bicycles from Portsmouth to Toronto, then train to Prince George, bikes to Prince Rupert, ferry to Port Hardy, and bikes again to Vancouver BC.  It wasnt exactly a 'ride' across the country, but it certainly was fun!

August 2011

Aconcagua, January 2010

6,962 metres.  22,841 feet.  Up.  The air gets a little thin up there.  But the view...  This is a photo-story of our climb on Mount Aconcagua.

January 2010

Coastline Crawl, May 09

2 weeks pedaling south from Eugene toward San Francisco.  Skimming past waves, swimming through fog and soaring through redwoods.  Here lies some of the adventures we had on a Coastline Crawl.

May 2009

love letter to Hong Kong

A simple love letter to Hong Kong.

May 2008

A discussion on China

A long winded attempt to describe Shenzhen.

May 2008

Adventures in South America

Two weeks in Peru on a Crooked Trails/University of Washington MBA trip to discuss sustainable business... and have some adventures in South America.

April 2008

24 Hours of Moab '07

Team Equinox Ski Challenge at the 24 Hours of Moab in Utah.

October 2007

A Monstrous Ball of Yarn

A spontaneous trip to the United Kingdom to find friends, the sun and A Monstrous Ball of Yarn.

February 2007

Dispatches from Italy

Dispatches from Italy: moments and images from a Tuscan venture.

July 2006

A Gently Steaming Cup of Tea

Journey to the far side of the world for A Gently Steaming Cup of Tea.

April 2006

The East Coast Megalopolis Tour!

The Paranoid States of America's capitol, Washington, DC via NY and Boston.  Monuments, art, beautiful foliage and squirrels.

October 2003

The Blackout Boys in New York, NY

Sleeping in alleyways, Times Square by dark and NY style.  Blackout in New York, NY.

August 2003

Scott and Peter's Excellent European Adventure

Scotty and Peter rampaging around Europe.  Tour de France, Paris, cheese, Germany and 3500km in a Volkswagen Golf.

July 2003

Backpacking the Middle East

MacLachlans and Newburys being baked, Middle East style.

August 2000

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