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by Peter Newbury

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October 2007

People always talk about what you can’t take home after a NOLS course.  You can’t take home the backpack, or at least it has no place in your daily life.  You can’t take home the rations, and if you did your friends wouldn’t eat them.  You can’t take home the mountains....  This essay is about what you can take home.

May 2006

Watching the politics of state, the environmental news and thinking about the weather, I'm not so sure we'll have a conveniently stable planet in the centuries to come.  It seems that we are on the cusp of our rock, paper, scissors decision.

March 2006

I long for passion.  Not romantic passion necessarily, but passion for existence.  A passion for what I do on a day to day, week to week, year to year basis.

January 2006

Humanity can be so simple, and yet so complex. I don’t see purely conscious thoughts, logically ordered as much as the engineer in me would like.

September 2005

I’m thinking about dishsoap tonight. Not exactly dishsoap, but more exactly the best way to remind myself that I need to pick some up.

April 2005

My Jonathan Livingston Seagull, both the real one sliding sideways towards the building across the street, looking for that perfect vortex of blue air to play in, but also the mentor that takes form as the world around me, is wriggling with glee.

April 2005

Estrogen and testosterone seem to drive the world so much. Looking at the influence of genetics and biology on history, I shouldn't be surprised. That play, that game, is too successful.

January 2005

Layers have been percolating through my head recently. Layers of senses bring alive the wintry smell of blowing snow and taxi exhaust whisking across my face. Layers of events that add to life.

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